Our Mission

Our goal is to maximize the customer’s satisfaction by following the principle of “high-quality production” and our moto, “we produce services, not products’’, thus offering economic and eco-friendly products to our customers using high quality paper and state of the art technology.

Our Vision

To ensure profitable and high-level sustainable production, reaching to an unrivalled point in terms of quality and price thus becoming a trusted leader organization in corrugated fibreboard sector.

Our Operation Principles

In Nova Packaging factory we have Quality Control and Quality Assurance professionals that report directly to Quality and R&D Department. Our employees work impartially and independent from production units, performing all tests and analysis in our laboratories under suitable conditions (50% RH, 23 ±1°C ).
The traceability of paper raw materials and auxiliary materials used on our products, is guaranteed by our recording system and traceability seals on each box. The production of each box is strictly performed according to each products’ specifications, given by the customers in written form. In case any production error occurs, our highly trained staff arranges a visit to the customer premises, taking all the necessary measures and performing technical analysis on the issue. Details of customer service procedures for such purposes are available on all order forms, on our web site and print-outs.
Nova Packaging consistently follows the global technological developments and more specifically it focuses on the sector of R&D, aiming to enhance the efficiency levels of its own R&D operations, concentrating on the concept "Technology for Customers”.

Technology and R&D

  • The Company and the production unit continuously improve its goals and increases productivity.
  • Provides constant training to its employees on food packaging safety, quality and technical issues, thus improving their competency and efficiency.
  • The company meets the customers’ needs and expectations in the most possible accurate way, always keeping customers’ satisfaction on high levels and offering value-added tailor-made solutions.
  • Using high strength papers which are produced with cutting edge technology, the company offers its customers economic products and leads the sector in terms of specification-based activities.
  • Supports development of suppliers by understanding that high quality production can be ensured by purchasing high quality materials and services.
  • The Company adopts social responsibility principles always caring for the rights of employees, shareholders and society.
  • Carries out all activities integrated with Environmental, Occupational health and Security Management Systems with the support of the management and resources provided.
  • Our goal is to be the exemplary organization and the brand in the corrugated fibreboard sector in terms of product quality and reliability.

Quality and Food Safety

Nova Packaging develops and produces reliable products that complies with quality and food packaging safety standards and national/international standards, legal legislations and terms of customers that focus on continuous development.
Nova Packaging’s approach on technology, is not only about offering goods produced with the latest and fastest technology at affordable prices. Especially with investments made by Eren Holding Paper group in Turkey, the objective is to introduce to the sector low weight, high strength packaging paper solutions and take the lead in spreading its use worldwide. With activities that are focused on this product type, we fulfil our role in the process of preparing for the future needs in low weight papers in packaging sector, the use of which is rapidly increasing in Europe and the world. In this regard, defining research and development based on administrative mentality of our company covers both product/service development activities and management and marketing activities. In Nova Packaging we believe that, regardless of the sector, all companies can survive in global competition by managing technology and embracing innovative approaches. Various methodological suggestions can be made to manage R&D activities successfully, but in summary our long- and short-term objectives are:
  • Creating High Value-Added Areas in Production Value Chain
  • Producing Goods with High Added Value to increase our share in World Export Market
  • To build an innovative and Institutionalized Structure that produces technology with high level of entrepreneurship and the ability to create original designs and brands
  • To maintain R&D and Innovative Activities for producing high-tech products
  • Company is certified with ISO 9001:2015, Global Standard for Packaging & Packaging Materials, Issue 5.
Nova Packaging creates a secure work environment and produces environment-friendly products that comply with health and environmenl management systems and national/international standards, regulations and customers' conditions that focus on continuous development.

Occupational Safety and Environmental Policy

  • Nova’s Employees, subcontractors at the facility, and all people that visit its premises take care to ensure the health and security of people.
  • With the contribution of all employees, danger is reduced on site with the aim to reach the target of ‘’ 0 Work Accident/Month’’
  • We try to assess all health, security and environmental risks and emergency situations that may arise in the work and minimize potential losses
  • We support the protection of the natural resources by means of constantly increasing the use of recycled paper in our products by using light weight paper that provides for high strength final products.
  • We protect the environment by supplying eco-friendly raw and auxiliary materials, by means of using efficient energy, natural resources and by controlling wastes.
  • We comply with requirements of all legal terms and regulations, follow rules of organizations that we are a member of and fulfil expectations of customers.
  • We organize trainings, continuously monitor and develop efficiency of activities to accomplish our goals and raise awareness of our employees regarding occupational health, safety and environmental consciousness.
  • We carry out all activities integrated with Environmental, Occupational health and Security Management Systems with the support of the management and resources provided.
Our objective is to be the exemplary organization and the top brand in the corrugated fibreboard sector in terms of occupational health, safety and environment.





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